Woman Behind the Brand


I’m so excited about this brand. June 2019 makes 11  years serving active duty in the U.S Military. For quite some time now, I’ve noticed that many military women have to be a little unique when it comes to looking and feeling our best while in uniform and compliant with Uniform Regulations. Some women simply don’t understand how to match their skin tone with the perfect nude polish. I consider myself a "girly girl" and I like to look good in uniform, having my nails manicured with a pretty nude polish are one of the ways I achieve that look. Self image, self love, and confidence makes a ton of difference in the work place. 

Why Camouflaged Polish?

Many Nail Salons don’t offer the best selection of nude nail polish and it kills me to look through the same shades over and over again trying to the find the perfect color for me and remain within uniform standards. After thinking and contemplating for a while, I decided to start Camouflaged Polish. We are embracing all shades of beauty to ensure you have the perfect nude gel polish color for you.  I want you to look and feel good, put-together, sleek, and most importantly confident while in uniform.  

Thank You

Let Camouflaged Polish take some  stress away and help you find the perfect color. Thank you so much for supporting and believing in my brand and vision.